Worthy To Keep Watch

Pomp & Circumstance


Excerpt from the report of Lieutenant Barnabas Calhoun, to Col. Aleksandr von Schenkopp, commanding, 13th Mortressan Highlanders:

…Though I know that the charges laid down on many of the men and women of the Penal Infantry detachment are serious, the guardsmen of this unit have, by their valorous deeds in battle against the traitors, proved their worth. Surely the God-Emperor must have smiled upon these worthless wretches as He provided them an opportunity to redeem their many malfeasances and misdemeanors.

It was the swift thinking of the Penal Infantry Company’s Engineseer to sound the alarm at the arrival of the heretics masquerading as the 14th Mortressan. Though a furious firefight raged all around him, the Engineseer imperiled the life and limb of his comrades in order to raise the alert. This warning saved hundreds of lives as Imperial Forces were given a sliver of warning of the oncoming strike of traitors.

In further actions against the heretic forces, the Penal Infantry Company demonstrated valor above and beyond the call of duty when they engaged Chaos Cultists within the sewers of Karlack city. Though casualties were heavy, they managed to fight past rampaging Daemons in order to secure a bridgehead past the Pelonius River through which Warmaster Solomon Tetrachus managed to escape to the safety of the Imperial Commander’s palace.

It is my recommendation therefore that the men and women of the Penal Infantry Company receive battlefield pardons for their crimes against the Imperium and absolution for their sins before the Emperor, and that they should furthermore be returned to active duty in the 13th Mortressan Highlanders.

Lieutenant Barnabas Calhoun,
13th Mortressan Highlanders, Penal Infantry Company

Inquisitorial Addendum (authorization: Rusalka, E.)

The full story of course cannot be told. The actions of the Deathwatch on Karlack will be concealed while our investigation into the Karlack Uprising takes place. The Imperial Guard and the Storm Wardens will have the glory of putting down this uprising, while we of the Inquisition will accomplish the true heart of the task: tracking down the many heads of the Alpha Legion’s Hydra.

The warriors of the 13th Mortressan Highlanders have time and again proved their mettle to the Inquisition, and if this is what their dregs and rejects can accomplish, perhaps this unit will have much to offer the Inquisition.

Tomorrow, I go to investigate the disappearance of Inquisitor Zael Vincent, one of my former mentors. I have a feeling that his operations against xenos-cultists in the southern archipelagos may have stumbled onto something far more than he imagined.

xp: 500
-Rescuing Warmaster Tetrarchus (1)
-Preventing the escape of the Chaos Sorcerors (1)
-Saving Inq. Rusalka from poisoning (1)

Oblivion's Edge: Heart of the Swarm

Location: Vanir, cislunar space
*Kill-Team Nephandus
*Imperial Navy (Battlefleet Vanir, ad-hoc formation)
*Inquisitorial Detachment (restricted access)
*Mortressan Highlanders
-Hive Fleet Dagon (3 Spacehulks, innumerable bioships)

With Vanir’s orbital defense network secured, Imperial forces turn their attention to the arrival of Hive Fleet Dagon. Vice-Admiral Karl Mardonius, acting commander of Imperial forces on Vanir orders a halt to ground operations so that all resources can be devoted to keeping Dagon from making planetfall. Taking a page from the Ultramarines’ victory against Hive Fleet Behemoth, Mardonius intends to thwart Dagon in space, preventing the Tyranid from landing and replenishing their depleted stocks of biomass.

Kill-Team Nephandus’ arrival with a supply of bio-toxin tailored to Dagon’s genetic code provides Mardonius with a golden opportunity to shatter Dagon’s incursion. Mardonius orders Battlefleet Vanir into bloody close-quarters engagement against Dagon’s bioships, buying time for Inquisitorial forces, Nephandus, and the Mortressan Highlanders to board the space hulk carrying the fleet’s Norn Queen. In a fierce series of engagements, the boarding party managed to deploy the bio-toxin at vital organs of the space hulk, disabling its nutrient pools, synapse network, and slaying the Norn Queen, but at significant cost to their own forces (est 30% casualties to Mortressan Highlanders, 80% losses to Penal Infantry battalion, as well as the death of Battle-Brother Tyriel).

Leaderless, the Tyranid bioships proved easy prey to Vice Admiral Mardonius’ forces. Dagon’s incursion into Vanir was repulsed.

Significant victory for Imperial forces, rallying morale across the Orpheus Salient. Vice-Admiral Mardonius is promoted to Fleet Admiral and given command of Imperial forces in the Orpheus Salient, drawing the ire of Imperial Guard officers who had expected command to fall to a ground force officer.

Though Vanir’s surface is still contested, the planet’s orbital shipyards are now being used to refit the remnants of Battlegroups Argo and Icarus. Though much of Battlegroup Vanir is damaged, Fleet Admiral Mardonius is preparing elements of the fleet to sally forth to relieve Imperial forces on Castobel and Hethgaard.

The Inquisition is pursuing certain leads found in the Vanir system in the aftermath of the Battle for Vanir. Inquisitor Erin Rusalka is currently investigating the source of the forbidden “iron womb” technology used by the Kingdom of Vanir to breed their Crown Guard forces. This may also be tied in with the mysterious warship found by Kill-Team Nephandus within the space hulk’s digestive tract: a Gladius class strike cruiser of ancient pattern, possibly even of pre-Heresy construction. The ship’s interior has been well preserved, and seemed to indicate recent use, but all of it’s navigation data, logic cores, and identification have been meticulously effaced.

(OOC: 750 xp)

Oblivion's Edge: The Vanir Uprising

Location: Vanir, Thronehold spaceport
*Kill Team Nephandus
*Mortressan Highlanders
*Vanir Crown Guard
*Vanir Planetary Defence Forces

With the assistance of Colonel Schenkopp and the Mortressan Highlanders, Kill-Team Nephandus struck a telling blow against the rebel Kingdom of Vanir and their Crown Guard forces.

Nephandus was the spearhead for a Deep Strike assault, their drop pod smashing into the rebel-held spaceport. Quickly disabling the spaceport’s defense batteries, the Kill-Team opened a path for an aerial insertion of the Mortressan Highlanders. Fighting their way through the confused melee, the Kill-Team siezed control of the spaceport’s command center and the planet’s orbital defense grid.

Imperial Casualties: light
Rebel Casualties: moderate.

Though much of the surface of Vanir still lies under rebel control, local space is now under the control of the Imperial Navy. Imperial Guard forces have fortified Thronehold spaceport against further ground assault, while Adeptus Mechanicus and Departmento Munitorum agents work to reactivate the orbital guns.

(OOC: Iirc, I gave away 750 xp for this, correct me if i’m wrong)

Shadows Over Arksmouth

Location: Eleusis

Inquisition report on the Arksmouth incident.

OOC notes:
-Primary Objective: Obtain Tyranid DNA Samples (Accomplished)
-Secondary Objective: Scatter the Genestealer Cult (Accomplished)
-Bonus Objective: Rescue the 13th Mortressan (Accomplished)

XP: 750
Renown: 9

Into the Jaws of Hell (And Back Again) (part 2)


With Magos Vyakai secured, the Kill-Team attempted to find a way to keep the Tyranid swarm from utilizing the stored promethium within the refinery tanks of Pyroclast-Gamma-9. After encountering a band of convict laborers loaded with explosive collars, the Kill-Team hit upon an idea.

Offering the remaining prisoners a final chance at redemption, the warriors of the Kill-Team persuaded a small cluster of prisoners to serve as manual detonators, carrying a satchel of Astartes Krak grenades and pulling the pins on command. The Kill-Team then escorted these martyrs to the promethium tanks, in the process fighting off a Tyranid Lictor, as well as dozens of Hormogaunts, Termagants, and Pyrovores. With the "detonators"* in place, the Kill-Team swiftly fled to the extraction zone. As explosions rippled through the facility, a final battle ensued between winged Tyranid Shrikes and the Kill-Team. Even against a hail of venom and a flurry of razor-clawed strikes, the Space Marines of the Deathwatch stood their ground.

With the Tyranids scattered, the Kill-Team and the remaining Guardsmen of the 1st Castobel Reborn loaded up into the Thunderhawk gunship for extraction, their weary forms highlighted by the smoldering flames of the valley below.

*Thought for the Day: Truly, the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium!

Primary Mission: Rescue the Datacore (accomplished)
Secondary Mission: Rescue Magos Vyakai (accomplished)
Tertiary Objective: Deny the Enemy the Emperor’s Due (accomplished)
Bonus Objective: Honour the Emperor’s Servants (accomplished)

Total: 5 renown, 500xp (iirc, please check)
Bonus: Tech-Priest Heimdall gains the Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) Talent for free.

Magos Vyakai states that his data indicates a weakness in the genetic code of Hive Fleet Dagon. He believes that this will allow him to construct a bio-toxin that should deal catastrophic damage to the swarm. However, he requires a prime sample of Tyranid DNA, which can only be taken from massive, freshly killed beasts, or from a Tyranid Creation Pool found on a contested world.

Vyakai also notes that the Hive Fleet will be able to rapidly adapt countermeasures against a bio-toxin, meaning that it can only be used effectively against Tyranid forces on a single world. Interrogator Rusalka recommends that members of the Kill-Team examine the files of the three worlds of the Orpheus Salient under gravest threat. As she is not as formally trained in military matters, she would like your input as to which world should be saved by the warriors of the Deathwatch. (Castobel, Hethgard, Vanir)

Into the Jaws of Hell (And Back Again)

008.817 m41

The ice moon of Tantalus is lost. Even now, the ravenous organisms of the Tyranid swarm creeps across its surface, harvesting biomass to further fuel the advance of Hive Fleet Dagon.

Even as the world dies, however, there is no rest for the warriors of the Deathwatch. Captain Zephon has sent the Kill-Team to the surface in order to rescue Magos-Biologos Vyakai, a tech-priest researcher who has spent months studying the genetic makeup of Hive Fleet Dagon. Vyakai believes that he has stumbled across important breakthroughs critical to the war against the Hive Fleet. Vyakai attempted to flee, but his Aquila lander was shot down before it could exit the atmosphere. The Magos must be found, dead or alive, and his datacore recovered.

After landing at the outskirts of Pyroclast-Gamma-9, a promethium refinery, the Kill-Team manages to rescue a ragged platoon of Guardsmen led by Commisar Falco Sanders. Commisar Sanders has fortified a blockhouse, providing a safe firebase for the Kill-Team.

After a few hours of searching, the Kill-Team finally manages to locate Vyakai deep within the factory complex. After a tense moment of negotiation with the injured tech-priest, the Kill-Team manages to placate him, repairing some of his injuries.

With the Magos secured, the Kill-Team must now escort him safely to an extraction point and wait for Captain Zephon’s Thunderhawk gunship to pick them up.

Deep within Pyroclast-Gamma-9, dozens of Tyranid organisms begin to drill holes in the massive tanks of liquid promethium. Pyrovores drink deep from the volatile liquids, ready to use it as fuel for the swarm.

…to be continued.

Into The Well Of Night


Watch-Captain Zephon of the Deathwatch gathers a new squad of recruits into the Deathwatch. On board the Strike Cruiser Thunder’s Word, the Kill-Team is introduced to their duties in this special Space Marine Chapter.

Passing through a mysterious warp gate, Thunder’s Word leaps instantaneously across the galaxy into a region of dead space, “The Well of Night”, a nebular anomaly that is the stepping stone to the Jericho Reach.

No sooner does the Kill-Team arrive when a battle breaks out between a Tau warship and an Imperial cruiser, St. Moravec’s Righteous Indignation. Only the timely intervention of the Kill-Team prevents the capture of the Righteous Indignation, and after meeting with their Inquisitorial liason, the Interrogator Erin Rusalka, the Kill-Team decides on a counter-attack.

In a bold move, the Kill-Team rockets out of a boarding torpedo, storming the Tau vessel and catching the Xenos by surprise. Cutting their way to the bridge, the Kill-Team manages to capture the ship’s commander, a member of the Tau’s Ethereal Caste. With the Ethereal’s surrender, all Tau resistance ceases, as they cannot countenance any harm coming to a beloved Aun (Ethereal).

Their decisive counterattack nets the capture of an intact Tau warship, as well as a live Ethereal, a rarity that delights the Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos and the Biologos of the Martian Priesthood.

Rewards: 800 xp, 8 renown, and a favor from Dreadnought-Brother Amadeus.
Kill-Team: Heimdall, Invictus, Astellan, Tyriel.


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