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(Material adapted from FFG’s Deathwatch Core Rulebook)
(Guys, feel free to edit and place player notes on each of the entries.)

The Deeds of Kill-Team Nephandus

-001.817.m41: Into The Well Of Night (Entering the Jericho Reach, Tau boarding action)
-008.817.m41: Into the Jaws of Hell (And Back Again) (Against Hive Fleet Dagon. Rescue Magos Vyakai)
-008.817.m41: Into the Jaws of Hell (And Back Again) (part 2) (Escaping the moon)
-025.817.m41: Shadows Over Arksmouth (Genestealer cult suppression)
-073.817.m41: Oblivion’s Edge: The Vanir Uprising
-076.817.m41: Oblivion’s Edge: The Heart of the Swarm
-146.817.m41: Pomp & Circumstance


-The Jericho Reach Warpgate

Orpheus Salient

-Castobel (Hive World)
-Hethgard (Fortress World, Orpheus Military HQ)
-Vanir (Feudal World)
-Eleusis (Shrine World)
- -Arksmouth

Acheros Salient

-Karlack (Fortress World, Achilus Crusade HQ)
-Khazant (Contested War World)
-Vanity (Contested War World)
-The Charon Stars (Daemon Worlds)
-The Blood Trinity (Chaos occupied system)
-Samech (Heretek Forge World)

Canis Salient

-Spite Canis Salient military HQ, Hive/Deathworld
-Tsua’malor (Velkhan Sept Capital)
-Iphigenia (Velkhan Sept)
-Krrk’tikit (Velkhan Sept)
-The Black Reef
-Baraban (Contested)
-Bekrin (abandoned Cardinal World)
-Ravacene (Contested)
-Veren (Contested)


-Watch-Fortress Erioch
-Watch Station Arkhas
-Watch Station Oertha
-Watch Station Midael
-Watch Station Skapula


-Kill-Team Nephandus
-Kill-Team Noble
-13th Mortressan Highlanders
-14th Mortressan Highlanders


-The Battle of Vanir: Phase 1, Phase 2

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